Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Staggering Statistics

  •  Approximately 2.8 million emails are sent every second meaning more than 294 billion messages are sent per day (Radicati Group, 2010).
  • Approximately 5 billion text messages are sent per day (CTIA Survey, 2010).
  • Approximately 140 million tweets are distributed daily (Twitter, 2011).
  • Facebook estimates over 1 billion chats convene per day with users logging over 8 billion minutes per day (Facebook, 2009).
How can these statistics help us see beautiful? Well, we see trillions of ways. Here's our thinking:

A string of letters forms a word. A word or words form a sentence. A sentence has meaning and it's up to the author to determine the meaning. Regardless of the technology medium you're using to read this post, you have the ability to access a keyboard. That keyboard is the gateway to seeing beautiful. You have the freedom to string together the letters of your choice. You can choose to send a kind email to friend, a funny tweet to your followers, an "I'm thinking about you" text to a loved one. The letters on your key board are an opportunity to see beautiful because YOU can choose what and how to share your words with others.

As you set your hands on the keyboard, you might use it as an opportunity to see beautiful. There's a lot of potential created when your finger applies pressure to a letter and we think it's a perfect chance to see beautiful. Happy Authoring.


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