Thursday, June 9, 2011

Laugh With Me.

Thank you to one of our See Beautiful™ followers for sharing this story (and to follow her blog, Keeping Up With the Jones, click here):

"There are moments when you wish someone else was with you just to laugh.  Today was one of them.  My 2 1/2 year-old daughter, Ann Charlotte, and I went to the Zoo after school.  We stopped to look at the ostriches and their eggs.  Are they real? Who knows? Do they dispose of them or do they eat them? Will they hatch?  Sorry, I digress.

So, it went something like this...

Mommy:  "Ann Charlotte, look-it is an ostrich-a giant bird."

Ann Charlotte:  "Mommy, I have one of those in my mouth?" (sounding very confused)

Mommy:   "What?"

Ann Charlotte:  "I have an ostrich in my mouth (pointing).  It hurts!"

Mommy:  "Oh no, Ann Charlotte you have an ulcer in your mouth."

Mommy: Laughing so loud and wishing someone else was there to chuckle with me!

Ways to see beautiful today:

  • Relish in the fact you know the difference between "ostrich" and "ulcer"
  • Celebrate the hilarity of young children's vocabulary development
  • Love spending time with those you love.
  • Laughing is important, whether alone or shared with someone else. 
  • Be excited you don't have an ostrich egg in your mouth!
Who knew ostrich eggs and ulcers could help you see beautiful? They do. 


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