Friday, June 10, 2011

You Can't Fence Time...

...and after reading this See Beautiful™ follower's story, you'll see why we should never want to.

Here's one example of how the future gives us so much "beautiful" to look forward to.

Her Story:
After taking a long trip, a grandmother went to visit her grandson (note, she mentions he was the first person she had to see upon arriving home). 

While visiting, he asks her, "Where was I when my mommy was a little girl?" 

Her response: "You were waiting in the future." 

And she thinks to herself, "What a beautiful place the future turned out to be."

Our Thoughts:

Who else is waiting for you in the future to forever transform your life? To fill your heart with more love than you could have ever promised? 

No, you can't fence time, and that's a good thing. The not-yet-ticked seconds on a clock are your promise that there are future opportunities to see more beautiful than you can imagine.  

There's beauty in the future. And it's waiting for you.


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