Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Can jet-lag be a conduit for seeing beautiful? It can be if it means you arrived in your sought out destination. Upon arriving in Vienna, Austria, this was one of our See Beautiful writer's first views. Was it a mirage? You tell us:
There was a camel. There was a truck. There was a welcome message. 

Then, baggage arrived and we were back to feeling human and having human-vision. Luggage secured, she excitedly exited the terminal to reunite with family. And this, this our see-beautifulers, made every feeling of jet-lag board its own jet back home. You see, making the journey is certainly part of the trip, but arriving at your destination is the best. In fact, if it meant seeing family, we'd hop on that camel in the picture above and trek across countries. We'd man the eighteen wheeler in the picture above if it meant we could spend the day with loved ones. We'd walk barefoot across that hot-looking desert if it meant time with family. 

When you find yourself a little out of sorts after a day-long travel, smile knowing that it means you made it to your destination. Whatever the purpose of the visit, jet-lag represents your presence in destination, and that can be quite beautiful. 
The jet-lag is forever worth the journey to be with those we love. The jet-lag doesn't even show up on the radar as being significant, until we realize it helps us see just a little more beautiful. 

P.S. If this post made no sense as at all, we apologize. We're jet-lagged of course.

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  1. A good perspective on a much-complained about situation. Jet lag DOES mean you've arrived!

    P.S. You made perfect sense to me :) Happy resting.


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