Thursday, July 14, 2011

Is Your Glass Half Full? Half empty? Overflowing? Drained?

A popular saying to gauge the perspective from which one views life is, "Is your glass half full or half empty?" In today's post, we were inspired to ask, what do you see when your cup runneth over or your cup dries completely? One beautiful couple used this question to see the world through their cappuccinos*. What do you see?
With a full cup, what do you see? Do you see the See Beautiful™ dove? We do! 

And what do you see in the empty cup?

The beautiful couple saw the following: "To me, what remains looks sort of like the inside of a globe from the inside out.  Today, David and I found North America and Italy." Thus, the world is discovered inside her empty (focus on empty) cup.

Where can you find beauty in the most unlikely places? What opportunities does an "empty" cup offer you? If your cup runneth over, how do you see beautiful? Whether half full or half empty we love the inspiring idea that there's always an opportunity to see more than initially meets the eye.


*Photos used with permission from Lindsay McCollum. Author of Our View from Wien blog. To read more about these pictures and their experiences living in Austria, click HERE.

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  1. The glass is ALWAYS half full..but..

    An "empty cup" is an opportunity to fill it with anything and everything you want. It's a fresh start!


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