Saturday, July 16, 2011

See Beautiful's Feature #1 (JULY)

If you haven't visited the See Beautiful's Page on our website, give it a quick view so you have some context for this post. 

Now that you have a context for our thinking, we wanted to elaborate on each of our choices and share some "see beautiful" pieces of Sara Swenson's song, Oh, My Babies below.

The song Oh, My Babies, was specifically chosen because it highlights a love for family that transcends borders, matched with a deep appreciation for culture shaping our lives. One of our favorite lines in this oh, so beautiful song, written about Sara Swenson's niece and nephew who lived in Southeast Asia, is
"It's a hybrid language that she speaks, part of us and part of them." 
This beautiful writing showcases an opportunity to see beautiful around every corner by honoring our lived environment as part of us. While you read the rest of the post you might consider clicking the "play" button below to listen to Sara Swenson sing this song. We get chills every, single time we hear it. And yes, Sara, we dance along as well.

Sara Swenson helps the world see more beautiful through her writing, her voice, her music, her drive, and her dream. Singer-Songwriter and former high school English teacher, Sara can inspire others within the first seconds of hearing her songs. Her voice alone can, and does, help others see beautiful and when you begin listening to the words, it's moving.

To download Oh, My Babies, or any of her other songs, click here.
To learn more about Sara and where she'll be inspiring others, visit her website:

Oh, My Babies by Sara Swenson by lcrissmays


  1. Have always loved that song. (among many of Sara's). Such talent along with heart. Thank you for sharing her on your site. Now many more can enjoy her gifts.

  2. I'd never heard about that artist before. Her voice is really beautiful; i'm certainly going to download some if her songs. Love that she in iTunes.

    Thank you so much for linking up :P


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