Friday, July 15, 2011

See Beautiful Pop Quiz


Welcome to the Inagural See Beautiful Pop Quiz! Today, you have one question to answer. Good luck.

1. Which of the following choices exemplifies seeing beautiful?

A. You glance at yourself in the mirror and cringe at the reflection staring back at you.
B. You dislike everything you see in your closet, throwing many of your wardrobe choices to the floor after sporting them unhappily in front of your full length mirror.
C. You feel like everyone is judging you and so you go ahead and order the super-sized fries.
D. You make it a point to consciously and consistently recognize the beauty you inherently possess and you carry yourself with that understanding throughout the day, searching for it in others as well.

If you picked "D" you're right. If A, B, or C resonated with you, you're not alone; however, we offer you the opportunity to reread all four choices above to think about which is more fun. Which choice (and it's a choice) offers more happiness? Which choice makes being around others more enjoyable? Which choice makes you feel better? For most of us, the answer is D, again. You know the right answer and this wasn't a lesson taught in school. You know the right answer because it's already inside of you. You passed the pop quiz, it's time you allowed yourself to apply it to your life.

Congratulations, oh-smart-and-beautiful-one!


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