Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sometimes 5-ft Tall Chickens Can Be Beautiful...

A woman who sees beautiful in ways that leave so many inspired, passed along the post idea today. We must admit, we laughed out loud, reread, and laughed out loud again. We'll do it again as soon as we publish this post. The simple release of endorphins, before even getting into the "see beautiful" message of the post, is worth it (however, we must also warn you that there is inappropriate language, so if that's not your style, forgo clicking the link below). Mmm, or, just click on the link and look at the chicken.

Alas, our message is short today since The Blogess, self-dubbed as "Mother Teresa, only better", says it much better than we can.

Ways to see beautiful? Well, after reading the following blog post, we're not sure how one could ever look at 5-ft tall chickens without giggling to themselves. It also reminds us that 15 years into marriage there's a lot of fire and fun....and towels!

Dear The Blogess, thank you for reminding us to "pick our battles".

Visit The Blogess HERE  to understand today's ways to see beautiful.

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  1. OH. MY. GOD! Hilarious! Thanks for turning me on to The Blogess. I'm most definitely a fan now!


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