Saturday, July 2, 2011

In Need of a Breakthrough?

Breakthroughs can be life changing.Often defined as overcoming an obstacle or a sudden and significant discovery, breakthroughs are sought in life. A small group of like-minded people in Knoxville, Tennessee gave a whole new meaning to the word "breakthrough" when they made it their mission to "improve the lives of adults with autism."

The Breakthrough Corporation is an exemplary way to see beautiful. Founded by parents of children with autism, Breakthrough offers residential services, in-home supports, weekly therapeutic recreations programs, daily activities focusing on lifelong education and lifeskills, and hosts a social group for adults with Asperger's Syndrome. In addition, they are using the "Breakthrough" land to build a neighborhood in South Knoxville to provide safe and economical housing for adults with autism.

It is for these reasons that we couldn't be more proud to feature them as our inaugural Not-For-Profit to send a portion of proceeds from all of our sales. If you are committed to organizations supporting autism awareness and improving the lives of individuals with autism, then you've met your match. Check out our products section with the comfort of knowing we're supporting Breakthrough, as we certainly see it as a breakthrough.  
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