Wednesday, July 20, 2011

You Will Never Be Merely Pretty

Disclaimer: The following clip includes profanity. If that's not your cup of tea, please do not watch. Instead, you can scroll through previous blog posts for your See Beautiful inspiration of the day. And if you're at work, please turn this down before watching.

 In this inspirational poetry slam, Katie Makkai reminds us that we'll never be merely pretty. We'll be pretty awesome, pretty creative, pretty thoughtful, pretty kind, pretty smart, pretty empowering, and pretty amazing. We think that's pretty beautiful, but we'll let her do the inspiring. 


It's a good reminder: You will never be merely pretty. See beautiful.


  1. Well it's a little early (4 a.m.++) and I'm coming from another blog that just made me cry. Tears of joy for a lovely couple, mind you, but still tears. I would love to hear that I'll never be merely pretty though. Will come back later today for this rant. It already sounds awesome.. can't wait!

  2. "Pretty amazing" is my favorite.


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