Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Snack Time Small Talk

The following conversations are true encounters with a group of three-year-olds over snack time. It makes us question why we don't stop to have snack time with children every day:

~With a mouth full of strawberry poptarts and sticky orange juice fingers, one student glanced around to her peers and exclaimed, "Chocolate milk makes me constipated." 

~During the same sitting, the small group of children were discussing the fact that they lived in the state of Tennessee. One child began shaking his head in disagreement (he had sticky orange juice fingers too), "I do not live in Tennessee. I live outside of the school, past that old lady house. You know where that is? She live right there."

~The following students were discussing the giraffes they were currently learning about in class. We know, they were really smart children. You can imagine in pride on their teacher's face. Alas, the teacher asks the students why they thought giraffes had long necks. One brilliant student's response was, "Because they have to clean their tail." Another replied, "Because they need room for all their spots." What'd we tell you? They're just brilliant!

~While having snack out on the playground one day, a beautiful child screamed excitedly, "AH, I FOUND A WISH!" She grabbed the teacher and pulled her over to a dandelion. The teacher asked the child what she was going to wish for. Her response was, "I wished for everyone to love me and for chicken nuggets."

In honor of snack time small talk leading to making wishes, we thought we'd invite you to do the same.
Congratulations, you found your wish!
For what will you wish?
Chicken nuggets?
Perhaps we'll wish for snack time small talk with friends.
If we listen carefully enough to each other there's a lot of seeing beautiful to be found.

We're also linking up to the Happiness Is Blog Hop because of course, this post makes us happy!
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  1. Snack time with children sounds awesome and I wish for more visits with my family.

  2. I agree, snack time with little ones is hard to pass up....I also wish for the days with my little one to not seem to go by so fast.

  3. So cute! Love the bit about the giraffe. :) It reminds me of this great guest post which I think you may like as well:

    I wish for my Kuba to come home soon. Thank you for your comment today, Lydia.. I appreciate your positive vibes SO much & I really do hope your right.. I just wish he'd come home and tell those stories already!

  4. Oh, this is so sweet. I love to hear about the adorable things kids say.

  5. You know, giraffes would need to clean their tales. Haha! This is adorable! I'm happily following your beautiful blog. I would love it if you stopped by mine to say hi!

    Mandi at

  6. I loved these. Instant smiles :) I have recently been trying to be more attentive during meals rather than multiple-tasking and not only is it so enjoyable, it cuts down on the whining! I've also been reading aloud during meals which is a great way to get some different types of books in.

    My wish is for the rain to hold off for our beach day! Thank you for sharing this with us at Rub Some Dirt On It!

  7. Children have the answers to just about any question. I am so glad I know why giraffes have so many spots now.


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