Thursday, August 11, 2011

Toot Your Own Horn (with an exciting donation update!!!)

***Midday update*** 
We've never updated a blog post midday, but we're so inspired by the response to Honk for Japan! that we've got a challenge for our See Beautifullers! We need a combined number of 600 "Honks For Japan!" to be shared on Twitter and Facebook. If we reach this goal, See Beautiful will match Ryan Higa's next $600.00 donation to the Red Cross. Just like Ryan, we'll take a screen shot of our donation so you know it happens! Now here's what you can do:

1. Tweet "Honk for Japan! @weseebeautiful" on Twitter!
2. Comment "Honk for Japan!" on See Beautiful's facebook page!
3. Spread this message to as many people as possible because we're tallying the "Honks!" this Sunday at midnight and we REALLY want to meet our 600 Honks! goal. 

Now, get honking (and better understand the midday update by reading our original post below)!!!

The sound of a honking car often sends the message to be aware - immediately. Some people honk their horn to wake-up the driver in front of them who failed to notice the traffic light has been green for 30 seconds. Some honk to say, "Move out of my way!" or "You're coming too close!" Ryan Higa found a new purpose for honking horns and it sends a truly beautiful message.

Today marks five months since the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan and we continue to look for ways to support the millions affected. In the video below Ryan Higa shares a unique way he's showing support and raising money for Japan. The following could forever transform the way you think about the sound of a honking horn.

What's even better? For every 1,000,000 views on YouTube, he's donating another $600.00. We were inspired because it illustrates how a little honk goes a long way. Perhaps you can toot your own horn by seeing beautiful in a sound that's often alarming, because it's making a difference.

If you're interested in continuing to let those affected by the tsunami and earthquake in Nippon (Japan) know you're thinking about them and supporting them, consider visiting some of the wonderful websites below that are dedicated to extraordinary causes within the country.

You can also visit Ryan Higa's website HERE.


  1. HONK!!!!
    This young man and his friends are really good people..there is so much beauty in their call to remember and continue to help.

  2. THIS IS MY FAVORITE POST YET! I love all of the beautiful stories, events, ideas, etc. that you share with us on SB! There are so many beautiful people in this world. Come on everybody, HONK IF YOU LOVE JAPAN!

  3. Thank you for thinking about Japan and continue to support.
    I watched his video and website.He is amazing man!
    We can live strong cause of many people support and love Japan.
    I will never forget your support!!!!!

    August 11th,Miyagi,Iwate and Hukushima did "Light Up Japan" for victim.(It's a firework festival.)
    Maybe everyone thought we can revival certainly.

  4. wow, what perfect timing for me to post about that bracelet for japan{}! the proceeds go to ANIMAL REFUGE KANSAI {}, which helps animals made homeless by the earthquake/tsunami. so many good causes!


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