Wednesday, August 17, 2011

We're In the Muthahood!

While the following is primarily for mothers, many of us understand what it's like to literally need multiples of ourselves to make it through daily to-do lists unscathed. Comedian and Mom, Anita Renfroe describes what life is like "up in her Muthahood."

Now, if you successfully achieve the following tasks on a daily basis, the following video is going to be difficult for you to understand.
  •  Your children always think you're right.
  • You have time daily to take care of yourself.
  • You pack perfect lunches everyday in brown paper sacks with little "love notes" to your children.
  • You have homemade supper on the table every night.
  • You wear pearls while dusting all your nicknacks. 
  • You have a white picket fence with a manicured lawn.
  • Your children behave perfectly in public.
However, if you find one or more of the following a bit ridiculous to successfully navigate on a daily basis, well, welcome to the Muthahood.

We see a lot of beautiful in the fact that Anita set out to make people laugh because they "relate to something I say than because I wrote a clever punchline. All my stuff is about my life – it’s real and it connects people – and that’s a wonderful thing." And while it's not our official "Pay It Forward Friday", we  hope you do so anyway. Celebrate and thank those moms working so tirelessly and lovingly and wonderfully and caringly and glamorously in tha Muthahood! Give them a hug. Write them a thank you. Tell them you love them. The Muthahood is tough!

We wish we knew the zipcode of the Muthahood. We think we'd fit right in.

Do you live in the Muthahood? What's it like for you?

To learn more about Anita Renfroe or see more of her work, click HERE.
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  1. OH my...been there and done SOME of it. I certainly got a laugh out of this one.... could have sung part of it myself....just never mess with my kids


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