Thursday, August 18, 2011

What's Your Superpower?

The following blog post was shared by our newest Guest Contributor, Allison Robin, from Tell Us Something Good. We were so inspired by her seeing beautiful mentality, that we invited her to pop in and write for us every now and then. We're thrilled she agreed! Here is but a taste of Allison's ability to see beautiful. We hope you find yourself channeling your inner superhero!
Written by Allison Robin, Tell Us Something Good.

Recently I had someone look me square in the face and ask me, point blank, “What is your Superpower?”
The question was a little off-putting at first, I have to say- this person inquiring was a grown man.  And he was asking with a totally straight face, in complete seriousness.  And we had only met five minutes beforehand.  But I could tell almost immediately that this grown man had the spirit of a child, had somehow managed to keep that, and thus, had the ability to know that this was one of the truly important questions to ask.

And so, in turn, I could sense immediately that it was an important question to answer.

I looked down at the floor and off to the side for a second before looking back up at him and quietly replying, “I guess that’s what I’m trying to figure out right now.”  The fact that I was feeling that way- I think that was the real reason I knew I had to take the question seriously.  He smiled and said, “I see.”  When I asked him what his Superpower was, a big smile flashed across his face as he quickly replied, “I can bring large groups of people together to accomplish things that seem impossible.”

What a beautiful response, I thought to myself.  We chatted for a few minutes and all of a sudden I interrupted him to declare/blurt out, “I can make people feel the things they didn’t even know they needed to feel!”  I sat back with a satisfied smile.  And then excitedly kept going, “I can love well.  Like really, really well.  Like wildly!”  And then exclaimed, “And I can get people excited about the things they need to get excited about.”  And the list went on in my head.  I was beaming.

Suddenly, I realized the truth about Superpowers:  It’s not about the “figuring it out” or about being on a constant search to find or cultivate something you want or wish you were.  It’s about remembering what you’ve got already and who you are in your deepest depths.  The “finding” is really just about reclaiming the very best of what you’ve been given and have always possessed.

And the “flaunting”, well, that’s just sharing and enjoying it in every way possible.
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  1. WOW..... this article does make one think and look deep into your history. As with everyone, it is easier to see the negative in yourself, but to look for the positive powers you have over others....that might take more than a glance or two..... I superpowers...????

  2. Love this post! Thank you for being a contributor, Allison! I'd probably respond in the same way you did. The way this man described his superpower to you really does sound like something extraordinary.. a superpower. :)


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