Sunday, August 14, 2011

Where Do You Keep Your Machetes?

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Always searching for beautiful in the most unlikely places, we offer you the opportunity to see beautiful in a machete. Here's how we're slicing it:

Setting: A See Beautifuler walks into a sporting goods store and approaches a sales rep to help her locate an anniversary present for her partner. 

See Beautifuler: Yes, I was hoping you could tell me if you have a specific item in stock.

Sales Rep: Okay, sweetheart, what are you looking for?

See Beautifuler (cringing at the sweetheart-dubbed name she's been given): I need to know if you have a machete in stock. Preferably the Bear Grylls extra large machete with the leather holding case that adheres to one's back.

Sales Rep (color draining from his face): Um. Well, you don't, um, look like you're the type who'd be in here buying a, um, machete.

See Beautifuler (now having the time of her life): Yes. I'm an avid machete-ist and I'm expanding my collection. If you could just point me toward your machete's I'll be on my way.

Sales Rep (backing away from "sweetheart"): Um, well, yes. We have those in the hunting department. Um, it's, um, upstairs, um...

See Beautifuler (beaming): Thanks, I'll just head in that direction.

Sweetheart and Man-Scared-of-Sweetheart part ways. 

See Beautifuler buys machete, but hasn't decided whether to share it with her husband or wear it herself everywhere she goes. Any thoughts?

We imagine there are lots of ways you can see beautiful in this story, but we thought we'd share a few. Of course, we'd love for you to add your own comments below though:

1. Women rock.
2. Men think they know women, and then we surprise them with our strength (this is a constant cycle).
3. Calling a woman you don't know "sweetheart" can be nullified by responding, "Where do you keep your machetes?"
4. Never judge a woman. Never judge anyone for that matter.
5. Machetes rock.

P.S. Someone long ago decided a six-year wedding anniversary gift is supposed to be iron or candy. We here at See Beautiful don't really understand a stranger telling us how to celebrate a relationship with a loved one, let alone what that gift should entail, so we mock the system and buy machetes to fit the "iron" category...that makes us sweet, like candy, right? No?

Are you looking for a tangible reminder to see beautiful, or know someone who needs one? Check out our See Beautiful products (sorry, no machetes) (and feel good knowing a portion of proceeds from every purchase is donated to charity. This month a portion of all proceeds will be donated to CARE.). Click HERE.


  1. I hate when men use hon, sweety and other barf inducing sentiments but I loved this post. Just awesome. :) Stopping by from ftlob btw.

  2. This made me laugh out loud! Love the idea of buying a machete for an anniversary present. You are so right...machetes and girls rock.

  3. Fabulous story!! My younger sister loves to pull out an imaginary machete and imaginarily slay people who irritate her. She would love this. I"ll think I"ll send this to her.

    Thanks for linking it up at Rub Some Dirt On It!


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