Monday, September 26, 2011

Breakfast Can Be Beautiful

While sitting in traffic in a downtown metropolitan area at 7:30 in the morning, a local, annoyingly rooted to her spot in the imminent gridlock, watched two men, dressed in business suits conversing as they walked down the street. As the two men passed her car, they also passed what appeared to be a pile of blankets on the sidewalk; a mound really. A few feet past "the mound", one man turned around, looked at the blankets and walked back to them. He set the brown paper bag he was carrying beside the blankets, turned around, and returned to his walking companion. The blankets moved. A person, observably startled, quickly raised his head. He reached for the brown bag with a questioning look on his face. Glancing between the Suit Man and the bag, the Blanket Man opened the package to reveal the contents. Viewers from their cars could see steam rising from the container. Completely opened, at least thirty people sitting in their cars could see the eggs and sausage. The Blanket Man smiled and looked back up the road. The Suit Man, now crossing the street never looked back. Carefully replacing the lid to the eggs, and putting the container back into the bag, the Blanket Man clutched the meal to his chest, closed his eyes, and replaced the covers. Those sitting in their cars could only stare. Where there eyes were focused may have varied for each person. But forced to the submission of sitting in a confined space, each person was invited to stop. Think. Reflect...

Giving away breakfast couldn't have been planned. It was a surprise to from the giver to the receiver. In fact, Suit Man almost seemed surprised that he still had the food in his hand when he abruptly turned around and returned to the Blanket Man. It was a if the meal had always belonged to him. This Suit Man was simply the deliverer. However, there was more than one receiver that day. One person received a meal. Many others received inspiration. Breakfast can be beautiful. It can be beautiful when given away. It can be beautiful in the hands of another.

What if we approached giving like the gift was always our to GIVE. What if our only purpose for possessing or owning "things" was to give them away? If you cannot see yourself giving something you own to someone who needs it, should you own it?  Is it worth it? What "thing" could be so special that you can't share it?

The smallest gesture from one person to another can happen in a millisecond, yet the ripples can be felt forever. What can we give spontaneously that helps others see beautiful? For one man, it was breakfast. For you, well, that's your gift, though suggestions are always welcome.

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts & helping others see beautiful too!