Sunday, September 25, 2011

Is This Heaven?

The following story was submitted by a See Beautiful follower, who herself happens to be a truly beautiful, thoughtful, inspiring woman:

"Last September my Papaw passed away after a courageous battle with cancer.  My family had all gathered to mourn together, celebrate his life and lay him to rest.  My niece and nephew had come with my sister.  My niece, was three at the time.

Trying to explain death to a three-year-old can sometimes get complicated.  She kept thinking that Papaw was just "away".  We kept explaining to her that he had gotten very sick and he went to be with Jesus.  We told her that "Papaw is in heaven now" several times.

The evening of September 10th my family all loaded up to go to the funeral home for the receiving of friends.  Several of us rode in different cars.  My niece rode with my sister and her brother.  On the way I assume my sister probably tried to prepare her young children of the fact that they would "see" Papaw when they got there (it was open casket services).

As they walked in the doors of the funeral home, my niece looked up to my sister and whispered to her, "Mama, is this heaven?"

Ah, we love the way children see beautiful and we love the way our See Beautiful follower was able to see a little beautiful in a sad time. Leave it to children to break the "sadness ice" by wondering aloud whether the inside of a funeral home really does reflect those pearly gates. One might only imagine the look on the three-year-old's face as she thought, "This is nothing like what I had in mind."

Seeing beautiful from the mouth of babes....always a treat!
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  1. Boy, can we learn a lot from children.

  2. Lovely story - children have this innocence that can put a smile on our face even in the middle of dark hours. They are blessings and gifts that show us the Beautiful every day - we should cherish them.
    Thank you for sharing.


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