Thursday, September 22, 2011

National Day of the Girl

It's today! It's today! Today is the first official National Day of the Girl and we are thrilled to be raising awareness. September 22nd is the beginning of a year-long campaign to "claim a day for girls everywhere."
Day of the Girl is an initiative to bring together girls ages 11-19 across the nation to join the movement to secure a day for celebrating, honoring, acknowledging, and advancing girls everywhere.
"Girls in the U.S. may have come a long way from the days when women couldn't vote or wear pants. But girls still have a long way to go before they are truly considered equal to boys. If girls make up 50% of the population, why do they make up only 20% of the leadership positions? Why do women earn fewer cents on the dollar than men? And in other countries, girls face being forced to stay home and not attend school, or forced into marriage as young as 8--all simply because they are girls. Discrimination still exists, and it affects us all in some way or another. We also cannot ignore the sexism faced by girls abroad, because girls are girls everywhere, and sexism does not know boundaries; an injustice felt in a small village in Mali is an injustice felt by us all. We’re all in this together, and we can’t afford to leave anyone behind.
When the Day of the Girl is established in the United States, it will represent a major step forward for girls’ rights. Convincing the American people and government that sexism remains a life-threatening issue for many women and girls means that small victories are no longer “enough”; we demand real change. It will give legitimacy to every girl that has ever been made to feel inferior. It will broadcast the message that Americans feel that sexism must be addressed right now, in all parts of the world, especially when it directly threatens lives and well-being (Excerpt from Day of the Girl, 2011). "

While there are billions of reasons to have a Day of the Girl, they outline 12 on their website that we've cross listed here (all are linked to their source):
As you might imagine, we're seeing a whole lotta beautiful in the Day of the Girl initiative and look forward to the day when  it's recognized as an International Day of the Girl and these statistics are improved upon.

We're proudly celebrating the Day of the Girl. Will you join us?

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