Friday, September 23, 2011

Pay It Forward Friday: Random Acts of Flowers

There are a lot of good reasons we give flowers to those we love: They brighten a room. They brighten one's day. They let someone know they're being thought of. They celebrate an occasion.

There's one organization who has put a whole different spin on the thoughtfulness behind sharing flowers with others and we thinks it's beautiful::
Logo used with permission and linked back to site.

"Random Acts of Flowers is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity whose volunteers collect flowers from weddings, memorial services, florists, special events, grocery stores and churches - to recycle and re-purpose them into beautiful bouquets for delivery to patients in area hospitals, nursing homes and hospice care centers. Our charity supports mental health, spreads joy and offers comfort through random, thoughtful, botanical deliveries."

Are you seeing beautiful already? How wonderful to give such happiness to strangers. Random Acts of Flowers mission is to "uplift a person's spirit and deliver smiles, one bouquet at a time." On this Pay It Forward Friday, this giving is something to be celebrated and shared. 

Here are some truly beautiful components of their organization:
  • SPREADING JOY RANDOMLY: "It's our program’s goal to spread joy and offer comfort through random, thoughtful botanical deliveries."
  • RECYCLING AND REUSING: "Random Acts of Flowers recycles and re-purposes wedding, special event, grocery, florist and memorial flowers"
  • SPECIAL DELIVERIES: Random Acts of Flowers delivers bouquets to the neediest in our area hospitals, assisted living facilities and other health care organizations.
  • GIVING TO THOSE MOST IN NEED:  "Our target recipients are those who have been in the hospital for an extended period of time, have not had visitors, or are just in need of a little cheer."
  • SHARING SMILES: "Our organization has the honor of fulfilling our mission with every bouquet delivered; each and every bouquet is greeted with a smile.
  • LASTING SEE BEAUTIFUL EFFECTS: "Bouquets continue to uplift the recipient’s spirit long after we’ve left the room."
"Since its inception, Random Acts of Flowers has raised community awareness to their mission, formed partnerships with local businesses, and delivered more than 8,200 bouquets to patients in the community’s health care system.  In its third year the organization plans to double its deliveries in an effort to enhance the mental health of our community, one bouquet at a time."

Alas, we hope we're part of a the momentum building to raise awareness for this wonderful organization and the opportunities they give to others to see beautiful. How can you take part in this Pay It Forward Friday, well, here are just a few ideas:
  • Visit Random Acts of Flowers website and share your support (They're currently in a finalist in a contest to receive a $5,000 grant! You can vote for them HERE.We did!)
  • Join their Random Acts of Flowers FACEBOOK Group and enjoy their inspiration.
  • Donate to Random Acts of Flowers, knowing your giving is brightening another's day.
  • Consider picking up a bouquet and giving it to someone you don't know. 
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  1. This was suggested to be utilized after my daughter's wedding. We did have Random Acts of Flowers pick them up from the reception. Awesome idea. Hope more people will see this and donate.


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