Friday, September 9, 2011

Pay It Forward Friday: Lower Someone's Beauty Pressure

Is your beauty pressure to high? Our environments are unhealthy. Young girls are most susceptible. As they grow older, their beauty pressure rises. On this important Pay It Forward Friday we're asking you to lower someone's beauty pressure. Talk to girls about their inherent beauty. Look for REAL beauty reflected in society vs. pop cutlure's definition.
If we all work together to lower beauty pressure, this world will be a much healthier place. It's our responsibility, pay it forward.

What will you share with young women to lower their beauty pressure?


  1. oh! i am so scared the day my doughter will become aware of the beauty presure we have to live with ( we women ) i`ve start already telling her, and her brother, that beauty comes from within us. i read books to them like The little prince. i try to learn them all the wise things my greek ancestores said, and i can only hope its going to be ok...

  2. This video gives me chills. These images really are ALL AROUND us aren't they? It's disgusting. I feel sorry for the women who are painted, probed, shaved, starved, and transformed just to have their picture taken for a magazine ad. I hope they know that they are beautiful before all the work that goes into making them "beautiful."

  3. Congratulations to DOVE and SEE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! The dove is a sign of peace today... hopefully and prayerfully, these girls will find inter-peace before they find the need to be transformed to others definition of "Beautiful".


Thank you for sharing your thoughts & helping others see beautiful too!