Thursday, September 8, 2011

Where are You Going?

Going to work? Going to school? Going to the grocery store? Going to the bank? Going to grab a meal? Where are you going? We're all going somewhere. Have you ever notice the way children move through the day without having their defined list of places they have to speed through? Ask a child where they're going and it's likely to confuse them. They don't pull out their smartphone, open their Google Calendar and rattle of their "to go" list. They're not caught up in where they have to be, they're loving living in the moment. Where they go next is often uncharted and dictated by living, fully, in that moment. It's inspiring.

Source: None via Codie on Pinterest

When you step out the door, you can go your own way. You can play. You can stay. You can chart your own course. You can choose to move through the day with childlike fervor. Live in the moment, every moment, because you can go your own way, with every move you make. It's all your own.

Where are you going? Or, where are you enjoying staying? It's all your way, the beauty is in seeing it.


  1. through a child's eyes.... children teach us more than we teach them sometimes don't they? Loved this post.

  2. Like seeing the world through a child's eyes.... some times it is just pure fun to NOT have an agenda. (that could be Going your own way today) even if you take a few they years pass, you realize that the days pass quicker, so MAKE YOUR OWN WAY BABY!

  3. Children are very good for showing us the world through different lenses. Their innocence and inner joy make us want to drop the routine and ask for a bit of adventure ............and how many great roads are awaiting us!
    Great Post. Have a lovely day!

  4. is just that sometimes is more difficult than others...

  5. I love watching my nieces. They are so creative and imaginative, and you're right - I never know what they're going to do next, and it's incredible to watch their moves.

    Whenever I step outside my house, I try to make a similar effort, and just go where the wind takes me (often, to major traffic!). It's fun to have a mini adventure in my own city and to discover the streets and homes and little coffee shops I would have otherwise never noticed. :)


  6. I love this. It is so true, children see/view the world in a way I wish I could....simple and honest. Once again-I am reminded-we can learn a ton from children.

  7. I love that Fleetwood Mac song and that poster. I think I have it saved somewhere on here, ha :) I'm going to university... soon! And sleep... even more soon, ha! Other than that, I'm enjoying this moment.


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