Saturday, October 8, 2011

Got Leaves?

Here in the Southern part of the United States we're beginning to see leaves changing from green to their fiery colors. Dropping to the ground, one might quickly jump to annoyance with the crinkly foliage that "need" to be picked up. Not so fast, leaf rakers and blowers! We've got 25 ways you can see beautiful with leaves.

1. Make a Leaf Alphabet Book.
2. Make Leaf Rubbings to compare the leaves from different trees.
3. Make a Leaf Guide Book.
4. Make a Leaf Wreath. Simply cut a circle out of cardboard and glue the leaves to the cardboard.
5. Make Leaf Angels. Pile leaves up and then pretend it's snow. Get horizontal and move your arms and legs in up and down motions.
6. Make Leaf Bouquets.  Who needs bouquets of flowers when you can simply use leaves?
7. Make a Leaf Centerpiece. Glue leaves onto cardboard (in any shape or size you prefer) and use as your centerpiece.
8. Stuff a Scarecrow.
9. Use leaves as nutrient rich Compost for your yard.
10. Use leaves as mulch.
11. Recycle leaves
12. Sort leaves by size, shape and color.
13. Make a Leaf Mobile. Tie your favorite leaves onto a stick with string and hang for decoration.
14. Make a Leaf Painting. Flatten leaves in a book for a day or two and paint on them. Who needs paper when you've got leaves?
15. Frame your favorite leaves in unused picture frames.
16. Send your favorite leaves to loved ones. Tell them where you found it and why you thought of them.
17. Make a big pile of leaves and JUMP into them.
18. Make a Leaf Stencil.
19. Try to catch leaves falling, before they hit the ground.
20. Use a leaf as a bookmark.
21. Make waxed leaves.
22. Use a Leaf Guide to identify leaves. (U.S. Guide)
23. Make a Giving Tree with them.
24. Listen to the sounds of crunching leaves.
25. Design stained glass Leaf Windows.

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  1. Leaves are so beautiful, even as they loose their chlorophyll and gain their true color - their lives may be coming to an end....but with this site, it allows us to continue to use them to achieve so much.... awesome ideas. Thanks.


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