Thursday, January 5, 2012

Blowing Your Nose Can Be Beautiful

This time of year many of us have the sniffles. There's not much that's luxurious in blowing your nose; however, the following video captures how we can all see a little more beautiful in the way the act is observed by a five-month-old boy, Emerson. Please enjoy:
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  1. AAACCCHHHUUUUUHHHHH! giggle, giggle.
    Cute post and God bless the momma with the sniffles. Sometimes you just gotta laugh. This makes my smile...

  2. Babies rock!!! And little Emerson is rocking with laughter - and so am I after watching that clip. Thank you xx

  3. My daughter and I had to watch this several times, becuase we enjoyed it so much. Joyous!


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