Friday, January 6, 2012

Pay It Forward: Share

Sometimes sharing is hard. But, sharing is nice. Sharing is for everyone. This act of kindness is best learned around the age of three and it stays with us the rest of our lives. Our Pay It Forward hope is that you share today. Below is a list of wonderful resources for Girls and Women and we would love for you to pay it forward by sharing it with others or visiting one of these sites and sharing thanks for the important work they're doing to empower so many of us. These sites are always listed HERE on our website, but we felt it important to share them here with you. We're going to run this post through the weekend, so feel free to refer friends or come back a peruse some of these sites. We're sharing and we hope you do too. Additionally, if you know of a wonderful resource for girls and women that is not listed, please leave us a comment with the name of the organization below. We're always looking for more organizations to share with others. And in whatever other capacities you can, share. Share your smile. Share your meal. Share the road. Share love.


As we scour the planet searching for See Beautiful™ exemplars, we'll share them here. Consider this a resource for finding more like-minded people involved in the movement to support girls and womens' recognition of their own beauty, strength, and ability.
  • ALLIANCE FOR GIRLS: "Girl-centered, Community-based organizations and individuals committed to assessing and addressing girls’ needs and helping girls reach their potential": 
  • AMAZING WOMEN ROCK: They honor, support, and celebrate amazing women!
  • BE YOU BOLD: "BOLD Magazine promotes confidence, strength, and self esteem. Their goal is to empower young women to be themselves through encouraging and engaging media."
  • BEAUTY REDEFINED:  "Taking back 'beauty' for girls and women everywhere!"
  • BEAUTY COCOON: Committed to "helping young women to realize their potential and live life to the full through exploring their identity."
  • CARE: "Defending dignity. Fighting poverty."
  • DAY OF THE GIRL: "The Day of the Girl is about highlighting, celebrating, discussing, and advancing girls lives and opportunities across the globe."
  • EVE'S CIRCLE: "Empowering the girls of today to become the women of tomorrow!"
  • FEELGOOD STYLE: "Reclaiming what style means by choosing products that are good for you and for the planet and by focusing on health, happiness, and natural beauty, inside and out."
  • FLOWER POWER MOM: Honoring the truth about motherhood after 40
  • GIRL ADRENALINE PRODUCTIONS: "Bridging the gap between girls & bullying, social media dangers & sedentary lifestyles."
  • GIRL INFINITY: "An empowering social network for girls."
  • GIRLS FOR A CHANGE: Where "girl power" and activism result in change.
  • GIRLS GUIDE TO SWAGGER: On a mission to raise female confidence and empower women
  • GIRLS LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE: "Inspiring girls to be their true selves"
  • GIRLS ONLY CLUB: Reaching out to girls worldwide to help them "appreciate differences, life situations, or overall hardships"
  • GLOBAL FUND WOMEN: "Promoting women's economic security, health, education and leadership"
  • GLOBAL GIRL MEDIA: One woman's belief in the power of her voice
  • GLOBAL WOMEN'S NETWORK: "striving to be the largest collaborative information source on women’s and girls’ organizations operating around the world." 
  • REALIZE YOUR BEAUTY, INC.: "Promotes positive body image by way of the arts."
  • SELF USA: "Entrepreneurship, Leadership, & Social Network for Girls."
  • SHE HEROS: Inspiring girls to be the world's next heroes
  • SHE'S THE FIRST: Committed to providing education for young girls
  • THE DRESSING ROOM PROJECT: "Promoting positive body image through girls' social activism - encouraging a healthy body, mind and spirit."
  • THE GIRL EFFECT: Arming Girls and Women with the opportunity to make a difference
  • THINK PEACE WORKSHOP: Committed to teaching peace building through global awareness and sensitivity
  • UN WOMEN: "United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women and Girls
  • WE ARE PRICELESS: Committed to helping women understand they are "priceless"
  • WOMEN FOR WOMEN: Helping women survivors of war rebuild their lives


  1. Great list! Can't wait to check out the ones I never heard of before. Thank you for being you and sharing all this beauty with the world. xo

  2. Thanks for all the resources! I just recently donated some clothing and household items to a women's shelter. Just imagine how many people could benefit from and be appreciate of us passing along some things we no longer use or need.

    Seeing beautiful with you today....:D

  3. Happy New Year to you! Thanks for this great resource list. Keep up the beautiful work! :-)



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