Monday, January 9, 2012

See Beautiful Woman of the Month: Kimberly Riggins

See Beautiful Woman of the Month:

Our See Beautiful Woman of the Month, Kimberly Riggins, shares beautiful in so many ways. We are honored to feature her here, as she features so many opportunities for others to see beautiful through her books and on her website. Kimberly's movement is one to empower women. Through her honesty and expertise, she seeks to empower all women who have ever been uncomfortable in their own skin (ahem, most women?). Inviting women to bask in their beauty and own it in a manner that helps them grow, Kimberly Riggins sees, shares, embraces, and oozes beautiful.

By Kimberly Riggins

Beauty is all around us. All we have to do to find it is notice our surroundings. Use our god-given senses.

I believe we live in a muted world. We are so busy that we no longer take the time to smell the roses, or notice the fresh fallen snow. We ignore the sweet smelling scent of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, the feeling of soft silk caressing our skin and the simple, yet amazing taste of a just-picked apple.

Today, I see beauty in everything. But it wasn't always that way. Just a few short years ago, unless beauty was right in front of me, I missed it completely. It wasn't until I embarked on my own sensual journey did that all change. Now, not only can I “see” beauty but I can touch it, smell it, taste it, listen to it. And of course, I can FEEL it. (We must not forget our sixth sense.)

Learning to use my senses again has literally turned ordinary days into extraordinary ones. It has enhanced every experience I encounter. It has made my world more vibrant, more exciting and so much more alive.

When I started my business, The Art of Eating Chocolate Naked really was just a metaphor. But since then it has morphed into so much more. Literally! Reveling in a piece of quality dark chocolate while in your birthday suit does wonders for your senses. It explodes with delicious beauty while empowering you to not only become one with your naked self (helping you become more comfortable in your own skin) but to take pleasure in the simplicity of it. It's pure MAGIC!

Where do you find beauty? It really is everywhere. All you have to do is open your heart, expand your mind and use those six powerful gifts you were born with.

  • Visit Kimberly's website HERE and see how she is empowering many.

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  1. This is a lovely idea featuring people I do the same on my blog.I love to celebrate people.


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