Monday, February 20, 2012

Love You? Love You Not?

Were you one of the millions who pulled petals from flowers and asked the question, "Love me? Love me not?" We were part of that camp. Resting our fate in the silky, soft petals, we asked away. That love was focused outward: Does another love me, or not? Fifty-fifty chance. Yes. No. Yes. No. The very last petal waited with your answer.

When we saw the image below we were immediately reminded of this childhood game and the beauty of the message. So many people wake up in the morning and begin their daily judging. Do I look good? Or not? Do I feel good? Or not? Do others like what they see? Or not? This constant judging of ourselves is draining and pointless.

This flower has petals we love! Every one of the pearly whites is there to remind you that you are beautiful. It's a reminder to love yourself - not fifty percent of the time, but 100% of the time, 100% of every day. You are beautiful. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Let the petals tell their story, it's time you listened.

                                                       Source: via Cheryl on Pinterest

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  1. Just spoke at a conference where their topic was Love me Love me Lots.  It was so beautiful to have a message surrounded by different supportive ways to love and care for ourselves as you describe 100% of the time not 50%. 

  2. Lydia...I'm putting this on my FB page.  What a great way to start Monday. 
    Peace and good,

  3. That was wonderful.  I always tell MOM I love her, there is no "love me not".  Of course she says the same thing to me.  What a great message.  I will do my best to spread the word of the beautiful flower pedals.
    Oh and MOM and I want to say THANK YOU!  You know what for.  We love it.

  4. I needed this. I just ate two donuts for breakfast and was feeling bad about it. I'm deciding to let it go. =) Happy Seeing Beautiful everyone!

  5. I want to plant that flower in my garden....:)

  6.  MEEEEE TTOOOOO!!!!!! I'd pick them and give them to people in bouquets all the time! I know you would too. Happy seeing beautiful!

  7.  Ha! Yesterday I learned that a cup of candied walnuts on a salad has more calories than a glazed doughnut. I thought I was doing well eating salad. Now I say, "here, here" to your doughnut. Delicious!

  8.  Of course you have that wonderful perspective, Goose! You're always sharing ways to see beautiful. I'm so happy...and you know what for too. ;) Happy seeing beautiful!

  9. Aw! Thank you SO much! wouldn't it be lovely is this is what flowers in every field told us? Oh, wait. They already do. Happy seeing beautiful!

  10.  OH, Becky! I'm sure you were so inspiring. I love the focus on the conference. Wow! If only I'd thought of that for the's much more empowering. I love it, 100% of the time. :)


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