Monday, February 13, 2012

Ordering Food Can Be Beautiful & AWESOME!

Traditional way to order fast food: Pull up to machine. Place order. Drive to window. Pay for food. Receive food.

New way to order food that leaves us all seeing beautiful:

 Giorgio says he, "likes to do random stuff to make others happy."

Well, Giorgio, we love that.

He left us seeing beautiful. Next time we drive thru we'll make sure to leave someone else seeing beautiful. Our voices pale in comparison to his, but the act is one we can replicate.
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  1. yes! we love that stuff : )

  2.  Yes! Isn't it the best. A switch up on the traditional leaves us seeing beautiful!

  3. LOVE it! It made my mom laugh. Very Sweet! We like the fact he was very kind, said the word please. That's a lot of food and lots of cheese. Hope he is sharing it with lots of friends. Lots of Golden LOVE n Woofs, Sugar

  4. NOW...... that made my heart smile, can't imagine what the staff inside was doing because you know it is on speaker (or atleast I hope she took her ear phones off and shared. . You know they couldn't wait to see who drives up. It would have been awesome if the staff all sang Thank you as they paid.... Giorgio  must be a heck of a man! Glad he sees the beauty that he can bring to others.
    Even if we don't have a guitar, a simple "Thank you and have a great day" goes a long way to another person.

  5. Yeah... I have a crush on Giorgio now too... what a wonderful way to approach life.

  6.  Hee! Hee! He's pretty great, right?!?! It's such a refreshing clip. I can watch it over and over again. Thanks so much for stopping by! Happy seeing beautiful!

  7.  I completely agree with you! I certainly don't have the musical skills to serenade others, but there are ways we can help others see beautiful. Simple, little things can make a world of difference in another's life. Thanks so much for that insight! Happy seeing beautiful!

  8.  Ha! It was a whole lotta food! I hope he's sharing too. He sure does seem like the type of person who would share with just about anyone. Sending see beautiful woofs right back to you!


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