Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Goddess Project

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The Goddess Project; we're not going to lie, our liking of them started upon reading the name. Our admiration and respect for them continues to grow as we learn about the important work they're doing and will continue to do. The Goddess Project is a documentary dedicated to providing voice for empowering women, as well as, cultivating unity among women. It is no secret that women have been, and continue to be, silenced because they are women. In well-developed countries you can compare the pay between men and women who do the same job to find major discrepancies. You can do a quick search for the number of women CEO's and presidents; women's numbers pale in comparison men. In less developed countries, being a woman  may mean you will never receive an education, be married off to a stranger at a young age, and the chances of you living a malnourished life are significantly higher than male counterparts.

The Goddess Project offers voice to Silenced. It celebrates the wonderful, beautiful, smart, inspiring, and empowering voices of women. Through their traversing across the United States, their mission is to explore and shed light on the "many ways women are realizing their potential, overcoming their fears, and propelling our world into a new state of consciousness."

As these three female visionaries embark on a journey across the country to capture the lives of empowered women, we at home can feel empowered to speak up and more often too. Celebrating the strength and awesomeness of women is seminal to the work they're doing and we feel it sends a larger, more important message to all women (feature in the film or not): This documentary is important because women are important. This documentary is special because one does not exist that features LISTENING to women's voices and CELEBRATING so much of what we have to offer.

They've left us seeing beautiful before the film is even a "thing" to see. Their actions and purpose leave us seeing beautiful!

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  1. Looks like an awesome project Ladies! Thanks for sharing, I am off checking it.
    Have a bright and happy day!

  2.  Thank you! The work they're doing is so unique, and special, and empowering! We hope you enjoy! Happy seeing beautiful!

  3. Way to go!  This is seriously needed in our society.  Happy Valentines Day from Donna at Believe in Yourself BlogFrog.

  4. This is a great idea for a project! Hope your having a great day!

  5. Thanks, Ros! This might be another good site your daughters would love too! Happy seeing beautiful!

  6.  Thanks, Donna! I completely agree. The message The Goddess Project is sending is such an important one - giving voice to women who often don't have it represented in society. Whew-whoo! Happy seeing beautiful and thanks so much for stopping by!


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