Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Beautiful Fashion

Fashion. It impacts the way many people shop, dress, and present themselves. It is a multi-billion dollar a year industry. It is trend-driven. It is fast-paced. It is often unattainable based on ads places in every social media venue.

We Googled "how many fashion magazines exist" and had no luck finding the answer. What we did find was a barrage of posts questions why so many fashion magazines exist. This got us wondering about fashion itself.

A quick snap of a few computer keys reveals the definition and part of speech of Fashion. Primarily, "fashion" is thought to be a noun. A "prevailing style, or custom, as in dress or behavior ("

What if we reconceptualized our thinking of fashion? What if fashion became a verb? An action? What do you think about applying the following thinking to our understanding of "fashion"?

Yeah, this is the type of fashion we can get down with! How about you?
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  1. This quote is fabulous! Fashion can definitely be a verb, that shows us we can move around our lives and make them shine with beauty.
    Thanks so much! 

  2. In my life fashion IS a verb.  You humans really need to catch up with us dogs and then you'd really see how beautful life truly can be.  

  3.  Goose, you are SO right! We are way behind dogs in too many ways! Seeing beautiful, understanding language, giving love unconditionally, the list goes on and on! By the way, we LOVED seeing your See Beautiful tag around your neck in today's post! For all our See Beautiful visitors, you would love to enjoy the way Goose was seeing beautiful today:

  4.  Yes! You hit the nail on the head! Thanks for such a beautiful reflection! Happy seeing beautiful!

  5. I love that.  Thank you for sharing!

  6. I like your idea of Fashion (it doesn't have to be just about clothes)!

  7.  EXACTLY! Why do we miss this? We're committed to living fashion as a verb. It's way more fun that way! Happy seeing beautiful and thanks for stopping by!

  8.  Oh, thanks! Thanks so much for stopping by! Happy seeing beautiful!


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