Thursday, April 26, 2012

You are _____________________________...

                                                               Source: via Alicia on Pinterest

How do complete the phrase:

I AM ____________________________________________________...

Wanna know the icing on top? The list goes on and on you. Being that you're always growing more beautiful there's no period at the end of your sentence. That's important to remember and celebrate and honor and be proud of and share and respect....

P.S., If you're having trouble starting the list, you can start with "I am beautiful..." You are, you know? Beautiful (and for our wonderful friend Goose, you're BEAUTFUL).
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  1. Strangely enough I was meditating on these words this morning.........they are powerful. 
    To who's reading my comment - YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Get out and share it...........

  2. I am...we are.....BEAUTIFUL! If you do not love yourself, you cannot give it away with the knowledge of how wonderful it is.  So love yourself, knowing you are beautiful.  That, surely, is the secret to seeing beautiful everywhere, no?
    Peace, good, and abundant beauty....

  3. OK follow me here.  When I see the words "I AM" I can't help but think about God, the Great I AM.  And if we are made in the image of God (a reflection of God- love, mercy, compassion, and beauty) then we are what follows I AM or what is put after those powerful words.  So how can that, how can we not be beautiful.

  4.  How beautiful! What a wonderful way to start the day! We're glad we're on the same wave length as you! Happy seeing beautiful!

  5.  Oh, Goose, we totally follow you! Powerful words, our friend! Thank you so much for them! Did you see our special shout out to you at the bottom of the post? We thought you'd love it! Happy seeing beautiful!

  6.  Ah, love the secret! And I love that we're working together to "crack the secret" code and share it with all! Happy seeing beautiful and thanks so much for stopping by!

  7. Empowering and the comments that follow.  I am beautiful.  It sinks in and feels good :)!

  8. Oh yes I noticed made me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.  Cuz ya know I am already warm and fuzzy of the outside.

  9. I am ME! After reading your other comments, I feel that this gloomy day - filled with wind, rain, hail, trees down, wet shoes, scared dogs trying to be on top of me.... etc. etc. etc  Couldn't be more beautiful. The weather has refreshed the air and everything in nature. Even my car is now clean of pollen. Shoes dry out, trees regrow (hope no nest were lost) - pups will settle down and soon forget the sounds and sights of the storm so ... all is great and beautiful. Thanks for the fill in the blank. 

  10. We should all keep reminding ourselves of that!  Thank you for all YOU do Lydia! 

  11. With a blank link like that, it did take me a while to get started. It's a good way to start self-reflection. Thanks!

  12. This is magnificent!...:)JP


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