Thursday, April 12, 2012


"Thirteen MILLION children will be bullied in the United States this year" (

"Three MILLION children are absent from school each month because they feel unsafe in schools" (

You can make a difference and join the anti-bulling movement.

The Bully Project is a movement to revolutionize society through committing to, raising awareness of, and ending bullying. The Bully Project seeks to bring parents, educators, community members, and children together with a focused agenda to stop the pervasive bully patterns that have been building throughout the United States.   

The Bully Project sees beautiful. The Bully Project seeks to make this world a better place. Through their already-award-winning documentary being released in the states today, they're trying to raise awareness of, and stop, bullying.

In case you haven't seen it, here's a glimpse into this seminal film:

Important note about bullying from The Bully Project site: 

"Often, the victims of bullying are socially vulnerable because they have some characteristic that makes them different from the majority. A person might be singled out because of his or her appearance, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or religious affiliation.  Young people with “special needs” such as autism and learning disabilities are also targeted more frequently. Other times, there are no apparent characteristics that cause the target of bullying to be singled out by the tormentor.  Regardless, the person being bullied does not know how or does not have the power to make it stop" (The Bully Project, 2012).

There is no need for bullying. There is every need for seeing and creating more beautiful. We all have the choice to spread kindness, love and respect. We all have the opportunity to empower another. 

You can make a difference. Join The Bully Project.

Visit their website HERE. For teachers. For parents. For children

Use the viewing guide during the movie HERE.
Join them on Facebook HERE.
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Have you heard about the bully project?


  1. Cruelly, this is an epidemic in our society. I was listening to the Ellen Show yesterday and one of the Kardasian (sp?) sisters has started another program. If enough people with ties to public opinions ie, Ellen), maybe it will help people find the strength to go on.
    So sad. I prayer these victims has a sanctuary at home to rebuild their confidence when they are bullied outside.

  2. It's good to know there are movements like this out there making a difference.  Bullying is so very awful and, as an educator, I'll do everything in my power to teach children that it is totally unacceptable while simultaneously creating a culture in my school where we empower each other to see beautiful in ourselves and others. 

  3. It's hard to believe that this even goes on nowadays.  What happened to "just being nice to everyone"?

  4. Thanks for always seeing beautiful, even with something as ugly as're helping to spread the word about it so that hopefully people will become more aware and think before they bully.

  5. the Bully project is a real eye opener to what goes on in the lives of some kids... I hope my kids are nice to every kid they meet
    the least of my brothers...have  a great weekend.

  6. It saddens  to think that kids can so evil. What has happened to our world? We are allowing our students the opportunity to become tyrants. Bullying has taken on a new face and it is ugly. I wish legislature can pass a law against bullying just like they do with hate crimes. There are young kids as young as 8 taking their lives because of the evil mongers who dwell in our schools. These bullies should be charged with hate crimes for the amount of grief, pain and death they sometimes bestow on others.

  7. You're exactly right. Bullying is the equivalent to the way we define hate crimes. It is horrific and so easy to fix. Thank you so much for visiting and seeing beautiful with us!


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