Friday, April 13, 2012

Pay It Forward: Get One, Give One

We just released our newest eco-friendly See Beautiful product and in the spirit of Seeing Beautiful and paying it forward we want to give. To you. From today, April 13th, through Sunday, April 15th, when you buy a See Beautiful bracelet, tag or water bottle, we'll give you an additional one FREE! You don't have to enter any special code at check out, we know you're awesome and we'll toss in the extra. If you purchase one of our See Beautiful necklaces, then we'll automatically throw in a See Beautiful tag for you too.

Our eco-friendly See Beautiful products serve as a tangible reminder to see beautiful in yourself and see and create more beautiful in the world. In addition, you can feel absolutely snazzy when purchasing any of our products because a portion of our sales is always donated to some beautiful non-profit. Our April Project of the Month is with the awesome Getting to Better.

Seeing and sharing beautiful never seemed so easy! The only difficulty you might run into is choosing which one you want to give and which you want to share. Happy seeing beautiful!
Our newest eco-friendly product! Yippee!
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What do you think about our newest See Beautiful product?
Are you looking for a tangible reminder to see beautiful, or know someone who needs one? Check out our See Beautiful products (and feel good knowing a portion of proceeds from every purchase is donated to charity. This month a portion of all proceeds will be donated to Getting to Better. Click HERE.   


  1. What a great offer.... I am getting the new necklace... so inspiring.  My bracelet is such a great daily reminder to See Beautiful in myself, everybody, and everything that I possibly can!
    Thank you for this offer.
    It truly is a BEAUTIFUL day in the neighborhood and beyond.

  2. As a PROUD owner and wearer of the most lovely See Beautiful Tag I can tell you it turns heads and raises questions.  Then that gives me  (and MOM) opportunity to talk and bark about See Beautiful.  As a no paid spokes dog I can tell you this is a MUST have!

  3. Thanks so much, Goose! We see SO much beautiful every time we see you with your tag on...well, even if we can't see your tag we see tons of beautiful in you. Your sneaky snake is even beautiful to us. 

  4. Thank you SO much! We filled your order and are so excited to see it on you! You made us seeing beautiful possible - literally. Thank you!

  5. Golden Proud to make See Beautiful tags.  My mom created a new necklace and got numerous compliments. Will share it with you (sending you an email). We are so blessed to be in a place where we See Beautiful things and precious moments. Lots of Golden ALOHA n Woofs, Sugar n mom

  6. A comment before I order :).  I absolutely love my necklace and find when I put it on there is an intention to 'see beautiful'.  It brightens my day and truly my attitude is shifted and reminded to appreciate and enjoy the beauty.  Those that I have given on to have special experiences as well.  Can't wait!  Happy Friday. 

  7. I received my new tag from See Beautiful today and simply love it!  So, from my heart to yours...:HUGS and tons of SEEING BEAUTIFUL!...:)JP

  8. These necklaces are so gorgeous!  I can't wait to wear mine!

  9.  Thank you SO much! We can't wait to get it to you!

  10.  Thank you so much for your kind words about how the necklace does serve as a reminder to see and create more beautiful in the world. You emulate this, so knowing you carry our See Beautiful items is incredibly special to us! Thank you!

  11.  Thanks, Sugar! We're golden proud we connected with you and you make such beautiful See Beautiful eco-friendly tags.


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