Thursday, May 31, 2012

Boodah Underware

This video is beyond spectacular. Here are few reasons why you'll smile the rest of the day...but hearing it from their mouths is infinitely better:

1. Harvey and Eddie are feisty.
2. Quote from clip: "Even though there's no snow on the roof, there's fire in the belly."
3. Quote from clip: "Seven o' clock, I'm in bed. The party's there."
4. Quote from clip: "Are you guys on Facebook? I prefer to talk to someone face to face. What ever happened to letter writing."
5. Dueling conversations are spectacular.
6. Adelle's voice is "not too bad."
7. Hunger games = food.
8. Snookie = Nookie. Did you get any nookie?
9. OMG = Old Miles Per Gallon
10. Booduh underware? Love.
11: Band name = Ups and Downs

Who wants to be friends with Harvey and Eddie? We're part of their fan club.

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  1. Those guys are GREAT!!  Yes I will smile the whole day long now.  What a couple of beautful guys. I would want to hang with them too.

  2. They are precious...... such a neat generation.
    LOVE the elderly!

  3. Cuter and funny! Thanks for the smile!

  4. The little guy totally answered the phone and during an interview.  Made. My. Day.


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