Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wrong Body?

This post was inspired by the beautiful blog post, Real Women, written by Hanne Blank. We encourage you to read the whole post here. 

Blank writes, "There's no wrong way to have a body." There's every way to embrace your body. There's every way to see beautiful in yourself, your shape, your eyes, your nose, your fingers (if you have them), your mind, your heart, your soul. There's every way to appreciate the body and hearts and minds of others.

There is no wrong way to have a body. Your elbow? Just the way they're supposed to be. Your eyebrows? Yep, perfect. The stubble on the top of your knee caps? It's not wrong. There's no wrong way to have a body. There's every way to appreciate your body.

It's so easy to catch a passing glimpse of yourself in the mirror and wish for something different. But why? What about your body needs fixing? What about yourself isn't the self you can love and honor and celebrate?

Having heard three-year-old girls talk about needing better clothes and eight-year-old girls claim they want to "throw up to be skinny like their sister" we're missing a stark and obvious message: No one else in the world looks exactly like you do because they're not supposed to! No one else is supposed to have knuckles or knees or shoulder blades or toes or wrists or even hair follicles like you do. Just you. Your heart, it's uniquely yours too. Your mind, oh it's even more complex than the millions of facial expressions you can make.

There's no wrong way to have a body - unless, of course, you're trying to make your body look like someone else's. That might just be a wrong way to have a body. Your body is yours because you own it. We all have bodies, right? Did we miss something? Yep, looked down. Check. Body is there. In tact. Every person we've ever come in contact with has a body. You know what? It wasn't like anyone else's. Isn't that neat? Isn't it fascinating?

There's every way to embrace your body. There's every way to love your body. There are infinite ways for you to find beauty in other's as well. When was the last time to walked past a mirror and embraced what you saw? The last time you walked by others and celebrated the uniqueness of them?

Far beyond skin and hair and nails is a heart and mind and soul that has the opportunity to impart the most beautiful change and peace and love in the world. You carry that. That is stunningly beautiful. That is every-second-real. That makes you shine. You are beautiful.

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  1. Well said as things always are on this amazing blog. Happy Seeing beautiful everyone!

  2. I love everyBodies Body.  I just roll like that.  And I would not change one thing about my body.  Yes my knees have a little more than stubble on them and that's OK with me, in fact I love that.  

  3.  So kind, Megan! We love your blog too! We're also glad you're back home so we can stalk your great writing again. :)

  4.  Goose, you're a perfect example of seeing beautiful! Your knees have perfect stubble. Even when you stumble across some new attire to wear, your still perfect!

  5. Oh for beautiful! I have so much to say about this post! I use to do EMBRACE YOUR FACE Fridays on my blog, and I would write about parts of me that I needed to embrace. Mainly physical attributes that I have not loved over the years. Parts of me that others told me were ugly or not good enough. There are a lot of them, but over the last few months, God has spoken to me in such a way and opened my eyes to all of me being beautiful. It's those precious flaws to the world, that make me, me. And by putting myself down, I was putting my Creator down. So now I realize and believe that my quarks are what make me unique and I am able to embrace them more. They are a part of me! 

    Thanks for this beautiful post!!! SO vitally important. I think I drilled this topic into my daughter's head since her birth LOL

  6. Such an awesome pass on, but for me as well!

  7. Great post.  Imagine how dreadfully lame and bland this world would be if everybody looked the same.  Isn't it wonderfully beautiful that each and every one of us is unlike any other by the glow of our skin, simple angle of our eyebrows, sharp curve of our noses, and subtle twists of our forefingers (as mine do)?  Seven billion human beings on this planet . . . all different.  And beautiful.

  8. Love that quote. :)

  9. Oh my what a beautiful message and so well said.  I need to read this again and let the words resonate.  

  10. People are so hard on themselves when it comes to their bodies, and the message above is a good one to remind us to love what we are!


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