Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cooking from the Mouth of Babes: Part II

If you're just tuning in, you'll want to see yesterday's post to understand these recipes. We're adding to your recipe box.

Part II (get ready to giggle):

- 5 eggs
- 4 cups of chocolate syrup
- 7 bananas
- 1 cup of milk (to drink)
- 8 cups of sugar

Directions: Mix it up. Spread it out. Squish the bananas. Put it in baskets. Bake for 3 seconds in the hot thing. Don't burn your hand. Put sugar on them.

BAVIAD (the dish was spelled by the chef herself)
- about 6 chickens
- about 3 onions
- 3 pickles
- 3 carrots
- 4 tomatoes

Directions: Cook about 10 minutes and then 3 minutes. And then turn it over. Put it in a bowl and then put it in another bowl. Then put it on the stove because it's not ready. Stay on the stove 12 minutes. then warm it up about 5 minutes. Put it in a bowl and eat it.

- a bunch of cheese
- 3 chickens
- 5 peaches
- 2 pieces of french toast
- 4 cups of bug cereal
- 5 pork chops

Directions: Put a straw in a cup. Put some drink in a cup. Put the food in  the microwave for longer and longer and longer, or four hours. Take it out of the microwave and then let mom eat it. Follow the recipe. Eat salad also. 


- a hamburger
- a hotdog
- 2 pieces of corn
- a fork
- 3 peppers
- 2 apples
- 7 strawberries
- 1 cake
- 1 basketball

Directions: Put it in the oven until it's burning. Then put it in the trashcan because it is burned. 

- 1 pan
- 1 egg
- Chocolate icing

Directions: Bring the cake from the store. Squeeze the icing on the cake. Bake the cake goes a long time, real long. 5 hours.
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  1. Sound yummy to me!

  2. Chicken with basketballs!?!  Sounds extraordinary!

  3. Yesterday's dish was a big hit with my friend Belle.  Tonight we will try the Chicken recipe.

  4. how fun!!  I think someone in our house may have actually tried these recipes!

  5.  Aw, thanks so much! They sound beautiful to us. Thanks for stopping by and seeing beautiful with us!

  6.  Exactly, my friend. Simply extraordinary. Did you try it?

  7.  I bet you'd come up with some pretty spectacular recipes yourself, Goose! Hope you and Belle enjoyed! Happy seeing beautiful!


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