Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Julia Bluhm Sees Beautiful

She's a fourteen-year-old whose recently ruffled the feathers of airbrushers and photo alterers alike. Recently petitioning Seventeen Magazine to include one unaltered photo spread per month, Julia Bluhm is speaking for more than just herself. As recent articles in the NY Times and Huffington Post feature her plight, it is clear Bluhm isn't the only one who's fed up with glossy images of altered-to-pop-culture-perceptions-of-skewed-definitions-of-beauty staring at her from the pages of a magazine.

With over 48,000 people who have signed her petition, Julia Bluhm is leading an important charge as a voice for girls and women. She's providing a voice for so many who may not recognize the pop culture inflicted doubt planted in their minds, dictating the way they feel. Julia is right on so many levels. She's saddened by the lack of self-worth many around her feel. She wants to see real people; people who look like her staring back at her in the pages of a magazine. We applaud Julia and her ability to forge on the See Beautiful movement.

We would also love to see this conversation span well beyond the pages of Seventeen Magazine. These blurred lines of beautiful are reflected on billboards, commercials, internet pages, toys, and books to name a few. If we fail to stop erasing the beautiful, real selves of women, what remains? A skeletal perception of reality? That's unacceptable. We're much more than an a dissipated-to-bones image. We change the world by being in it. There's no need to blur those boundaries. Those lines stand. Those lines make the world a better place.

Interested in signing the petition? Sign HERE.
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  1. Not sure if they let dogs sign but MOM is headed over to write her name down.  Why on earth people would think they can improve on the beauty that God has placed in every single one is beyond this dogs comprehension.  But I am glad there are people like Julia to point they way to true beauty.

  2.  So cool! Thanks so much! Happy seeing beautiful!

  3.  EXACTLY, Goose! You couldn't have said it better! Brilliant (as usual)! Happy seeing beautful, my friend!

  4. Incredible, beautiful woman.  Off to sign.  I had caught a glimpse of this story and so glad to hear all!  Goose what a beautiful message as well.  So true.  

  5. She is a natural born leader!...:)JP

  6. I heard about this girl, and it's admirable that at a young age she recognizes what's reality versus perception and wants to do something about it!


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