Monday, May 7, 2012

Painfully Optimistic

Painfully Optomistic by Ross McCreery

Picture If the title of Ross McCreery's blog, Painfully Optomistic, doesn't leave you seeing beautiful immediately, hold on to your fruit cakes, because you're in for  a treat! Ross McCreery is a self-professed lover of life and he shares that love of life and dedication to seeing beautiful through his writing, and even more recently his stunningly beautiful photography. Father, husband, photographer, blogger, (the list goes on and on), Ross captures optimism in the face of pain. Diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)/Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy(RSD) over six years ago, Ross' life was transformed. Instead of shutting others out when loosing the use of his left hand and foot, and living with chronic pain twenty-four hours a day, he created a blog where others who suffer from CRPS/RSD or chronic pain could visit and seek a moment's peace, knowing they weren't alone and they could find optimism in their pain. Every visit to Ross' blog leaves us reflecting on the simple things in life that so many take for granted. For the masses, going to the grocery store and shopping for groceries is just one item to quickly scratch off a to-do list. For many, taking your children on a vacation to Disney World isn't riddled with how you're going to walk to and through the park. For Ross, the simple daily tasks of others are ones he tackles with great thanks and beautiful optimism that is reflected in his blog. More recently, he's begun capturing the way his lens of life can be reflected in the lens of a camera. We are proud owners of a piece of his work and there is something significantly special about looking into our picturesque landscape scene of a snow-covered field with the understanding that the person on the opposite side of the camera may not have felt amazing when setting out to snap pictures. He may not have had full function to capture the stunning scape he did. He might have wanted to retreat back to a warm house to sit and brood over unfair hands dealt in life. But he didn't . He doesn't ever seem to and that passion for life is reflected in the words on his blog and the images reflected in his photography. We are honored to feature Painfully Optomistic as our See Beautiful's blog of the month! Thanks for the way you help so many see beautiful in the world, Ross!

To visit Painfully Optomistic click HERE.
To visit Ross McCreery Photography click HERE.


  1. Ross is our kind of guy.

  2. Ross is  quite the hero to not only his family, but his medically extended family and us. Looking forward to getting to know him through his blog. Thank you for finding yet another way for us to see beautiful.

  3. We certainly will go over there and say hello to Ross.  Thank you for sharing!

  4. Thank you for showcasing Ross! He is an inspiration.  I will go check out this blog and connect with him :)  I love is optimism. It really is beautiful to see.

  5. Ross is indeed one of the voices for those who suffer from CRPS. Thank you Ross for sharing your story and message of hope!


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