Friday, May 11, 2012

Pay It Forward: If I Should Have a Daughter...

We have waited close to a year to share this with you all on our Pay It Forward Mother's Day post. This is one of the most beautiful spoken word poetry performances we have heard - music to our ears really. It's for moms, our Point B.

If ever there were a moving video to watch, Sarah Kay is it. The poem is only the first two minutes and it's absolutely brilliant.

...and they should. They should really meet our mother. Thank you, Mom.

How to pay it forward? We don't want to share one or two or five specific ways to show how you love your mom. That's for you and your relationship with her and we all show love in our own ways to our own family and friends. Just pay it forward with love. 
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  1. That was wonderful.  MOM says all she has to do is look in my eyes to see the love I have for her.  And I do love my MOM.  I mean what kind of MOM would drag home some great sticks for me when I could not go with her to the mountain paradise?  My MOM that's who. OK I am off to go pay it forward.

  2. Beautiful poem! I thank my mom for loving us and always putting us first when we were kids. She sacrificed a lot for us and as a kid I did not realize this. I do now.

  3. Great post! Hope you had a great Mother's Day.

  4. This was wonderful... I PRAY  that I will always be a Point B!


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