Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Name is NOT Isabella


My Name is NOT Isabella by Jennifer Fosberry, Illustrations by Mike Litwin

Picture  As a young girl takes on the persona of other world-changing women before her, Isabella empowers herself to be strong, courageous, fierce, determined, kind, fast, tough and "the greatest girl who ever was". Like Rosa Parks, Isabella is a brave activist. Like Marie Curie, Isabella is a brilliant scientist. Like Elizabeth Blackwell, Isabella is a committed healer with patience. As young children read this book they are invited into Isabella's world which inevitably reflects a world impacted by the brave, smart women who came before her. Honoring the lives of a few wonderful women who changed the world, author Jennifer Fosberry includes short bios of the women in the final pages of this empowering book. Living a life full of gifts from courageous women, Isabella teaches all of us the importance of being ourselves. No, my name is not Isabella. It is...

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Watch the fascinating progression of illustration creation HERE
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  1. Quite the young lady.... when did we all stop wanting to be ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that we KNEW we could and wanted to be???? (think that was called Middle School)... then we seem to settle back into our dreams. Teachers/Parents/other loving family members could use this book and read it daily to their little one, so that when they hit those (not sure of myself or abilities struggles),they know each word by heart and will continue on with the dream. Great choice of Featured Book of the Month.

  2. MOM has this book.  She liked it so much she that she put one in the children's area at the church.  When I say children's area I mean where the books are.  The fact is the whole place is the children's area.  Now that I think about it the whole place is a dog area too.  Wonderfully beautiful book.

  3.  It is sensational! Hats off to Jennifer Fosberry for her brilliant thinking to empower women! Thanks so much for stopping by. Happy seeing beautiful.

  4.  Goose, your MOM is one smart woman! I like places where the "whole place" is the children's area. It helps us remember to stay young. Any place that's a whole dog area too sounds heavenly to us!

  5.  Beautifully worded! We can all dream and become anything and everything. We just have to believe. Happy seeing beautiful!


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