Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Seeking Beautiful?

Seeing beautiful is a way of thinking. Traffic jams can be annoying or a rare chance to stop and breath. Getting stuck on a subway can ruin your day or be an opportunity to make a friend or get lost in a good book. We repeatedly find that our see beautiful lenses give us a new, more uplifting way, to navigate the world. Because, of course, it's easy to miss something when you're not looking for it. Take the following 30 second experiment conducted by psychologist researching human perception:

When you're focused on looking for something specific, you just might miss the unique. If you're constantly looking for flaws, you miss the beautiful. If you're constantly wrapped up in drama, you miss the beautiful. If you're always looking for beautiful, well you miss the other stuff. It's a wonderful reminder to set your mind to a "seeing beautiful" frame of thinking. It's quite beautiful.
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  1. My mind is set on Seeing Beautful.  My MOM says I was born that way.  And she said this is a great reminder and loves the "if you are focused on the specific you might miss the unique.  Has happened to her a time or two.

  2. Good points. Make lemon out of lemonade, because you might as well make the best of a bad situation!

  3. Seeing Beautiful can be hard work!  I counted the 13 passes yet never saw the bear...LOL!...:)JP


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