Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Search for Poop Uncovers Beautiful

The most beautiful woman we know shared the following story with us:

"Upon scouring the back yard for puppies poop to make the grass a 'Pooh Free Zone' for humans to romp around she came across a special dog tag one of her puppies was missing. This is what she found (it's okay. We're not showing poop.)"
So you see, sometimes when you're looking for something well, gross, you come across an opportunity to see beautiful.
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  1. Yes it is true some of the most beautiful things can come from poop. It's true. I mean what is honey...bee poop. What is the white stuff Geisha woman put on their face... Nightingale poop. What do yummy mushrooms grow in... yep it's poop. What is a Dove? No, not poop, but a dove is nothing more than a white pigeon (of which many consider yucky.) And where do we get the most delicious coffee... from the Civet Cat's poop. But we think the most beautiful is in the poop story you shared. It's all in how you see it.

  2. What a sweet treasure to find!...:)JP

  3. This post is great! I will forever see the beauty in sometimes looking for something gross and how it sometimes yields beauty!

  4. Goose, your Momma knows about being on poop patrol! Glad you shared all ways poop is beautiful . I am always learning something from you Mom


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