Tuesday, September 18, 2012

See-d Beautiful

What's better than receiving a thoughtful card from a loved one? A card that is sprinkled with wildflower seeds embedded in handmade paper! Even better? The card full of seeds from a loved one is also made with recylced paper, printed with vegetable-based soy inks, part of a tree planting program, and a certified green printer. Upon receiving this card - this kindness - we saw so much beautiful.

How kind and inspirational of the company, Leanin' Tree, to create such thoughtful cards! As we often feign annoyance at the amount of trees used to send mailers, magazines, and advertisements in the mail, when we opened this card everything was right about it. As the flowers grow it's like the card that keeps on giving. The kind message you write inside the card blooms - literally.

Thank you Leanin' Tree for rethinking the way messages from loved ones can grow in our lives. It's see-d beautiful!

Connect with LeaninTree.com HERE.
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  1. See-d beautiful. Love it. My MOM uses these cards (although not sure if it is the same company). The thought of the flowers that will bloom from it is a beautiful imagine indeed.

  2. Love this idea! How Beautiful!

  3. I've received something similar but it was wrapping paper with seeds in it. These are great ideas - very eco-friendly!

  4. what thoughtful cards for sure! anyone would love to get a beautiful card like that!!


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