Friday, October 26, 2012

Pay It Forward: Spice It UP!

When we got into the car of a truly beautiful woman to find crushed red pepper flakes sitting in the cup holder we immediately thought, 1) Hysterical; 2) Impressive; 3) There's got to be a way to see beautiful in this. And so the story goes...

Yes, this really happened.
You know how we're often adding dashes of this-and-that to spice up a meal in our homes or restaurants? We thought, why can't this apply out in the community? We're not asking anyone to sprinkle red pepper flakes in neighbor's mailboxes or offer them to a stranger, but we are asking you to "warm" it up out there.

Be warm. Create warmth for others. Pay it forward by doing something that warms another in the kindest of ways. On the "warm" trend, grab a coffee for the friend you're going to meet. Buy the cup of tea for the next person in line. Take a warm casserole to a friend who just had a baby, or surgery, or just needs a break from cooking. Deliver firewood to a family you know could use it. Leave a yummy smelling candle on a colleague's desk. Send scarves, coats or mittens to those who need them as the weather turns colder. Add a few extra dollars to the donation box on your electric bill to heat another family's home this winter.

Empty that proverbial bottle of crushed red pepper flakes and warm it up.

Oh, did someone turn the heat on?
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  1. amen. I love the idea of paying it forward. around here the local radio station has this deal where you can print out these coupons and hand it to the drive thru window and pay for the person behind you. How wonderful. Two of my daughters have had that happen to them where their coffee was paid for by the person ahead of them. Pretty nice way to pay it forward!!!

  2. Love paying it forward. Love paying it upward even more. Actually I think they go hand in hand or in my case paw in paw.

  3. Today spouse and I went running. Trash cans were sitting along side the road, having been emptied earlier in the day. We came upon this one that had tipped over and was partially in the road. I thought to myself that it is probably hazardous since a vehicle could easily hit it. Then I thought of this site and the messages I read here and I stopped and moved it. Normally, not wanting to stop mid-run, I probably would have just run past it. I say this not to "toot my horn", after all it was such a small thing, but to let you know even when no one says anything, you are making a difference. You are planting seeds. Good work!

  4. Very good ideas!! We are totally aware that paying it forward makes both the giver and the receiver feel good!! Happy Saturday!
    xo Jeanne

  5. I love paying it forward, especially during the holiday season!


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