Thursday, October 25, 2012

Trek On.

Dear Extraordinary One,

Be strong enough to see your own beauty. Be bold enough to stand up for what you believe. Be kind enough to be humbled by others. When you honor these pieces of yourself, you shine. You create more brightness for everyone around you. They feel it and in turn you will feel it too. This is beautiful. You are beautiful. On this journey of life, every step you take is an opportunity to be extraordinarily you. Have fun. Trek on. See Beautiful.

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  1. Have paws will trek.

  2. That's a great motto...Trek On. Persevere!

  3. Gotta say, as much as I hate snow I did See Beautiful when my pups danced in the snow. It was their first snow (they are almost 9 months).

  4. Such a great reminder, as always. :) Thanks for sharing, Lydia! Hope you are doing well!


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