Friday, November 23, 2012

Pay It Forward: Give Shoes (and thank you, TOMS)

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, such generosity comes abounding from others. What if we made "thanks" and "giving" a permanent holiday in our lives. For the things we think we "need" may be much more valuable to someone else. Do we need to add another winter coat to our closet when someone else needs one? Do we need one more pair of shoes when someone just needs one? This is one reason we LOVE TOMS shoes! They're "One for One" philosophy leaves us seeing oh, so beautiful. For every shoe that TOMS sells, they donate one (of the same exact quality) to someone in need. We think TOMS is extraordinary. Their giving spirit inspires and their thoughtfulness make our toes feel good when wearing their shoes. How can you pay it forward? Consider what you need and what others may need? How can we meet others' needs? It's so easy. It's so awesome. Just give.


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  1. We'll have to check out Tom Toms!

  2. What a beautiful photo. We love Tom's. Next time MOM needs shoes she will get Tom's again. They are great shoes.

  3. Yes I have become such a fan of Toms for their message and example of giving. Much love and gratitude for you this thanksgiving season!


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