Monday, November 26, 2012

Watch Her Thrive

Admit it … you’ve wondered.

You see a video pass through your Facebook feed. Maybe a friend sends you a tweet. And you watch it, moved by the compelling story. You frown at the imagery of a someone’s daughter being victimized. Again.

And you can’t help wondering …

Do all these campaigns really make any difference?

Or is it possible that they do nothing more than make a whole lot of noise while, thousands of miles away, someone’s daughter is silenced by rape.

The hard truth: there’s no way to know for sure.

All too often we hear buzz phrases like ‘raising awareness’ and ‘shining a light on the issue’ and the truth is, when you get that inkling in your gut that it’s all just hoopla and no substance, you’re probably right!

Truth? It’s time to stand up and actually make a difference. No more noise, it’s time for action.

Want to hear some more truth? Fair warning, this one isn’t fun.

In the 60 seconds that it took you to read this far, a woman was victimized in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. If she was really unlucky, she was raped.

She doesn’t know her rights. She’s being silenced by the violence.

And while you’re tucking into your family feasts this holiday season, 1500 Congolese people will die, every single day, because they have no access to food, clean water and medical treatment.

And it’s not just in one country. It’s happening right now in Rwanda, Kosovo, Bosnia, Nigeria and the South Sudan too.

Makes you feel a bit icky doesn’t it? Yeah, me too.

But this isn’t about making people feel guilty. It’s not about stirring your heart for a few minutes before moving on with your day.

This is about standing up for every woman on the planet. Someone’s daughter. Someone’s wife. Someone’s mother.

“If we are going to see real development in the world, then our best investment is women.” Desmond Tutu.

One woman took that message to heart and is on a mission to give a voice to the voiceless daughters, mothers and wives.

Kimberly Riggins knows what it’s like to have no voice, to feel powerless, to have your dignity stripped from you as a piece of your soul dies after being raped.

But to have that happen not just once, but over and over again?

This has got to stop.

“What we really need is a voice. One that is loud and irrefutable. Help me be that voice.” Kimberly Riggins.

Spring 2013, Kimberly will be giving those women a voice by publishing a book (of which See Beautiful was a contributor) and hosting a wine and chocolate soiree. Over seventy five authors have joined Kimberly to bring a book that is infused with stories of hope, courage and strength.

But it starts today. And we need you.

“The world will be saved by the Western woman” The Dalai Lama

On Cyber Monday, November 26th, 2012 (a day traditionally spent snapping up online bargains and sweet deals) we are working together to raise $15,000.

From midnight through to 23:59 ET, Kimberly (and a whole collection of special guests) will be broadcasting a live video stream via Vokle. Prizes (some of them by See Beautiful!), giggles, maybe even a song – who knows?!? All in a bid to inspire you to help us give a voice to these women in war torn countries.

We are giving voice for 24 hours non-stop to help give them a voice.

And it would be wonderful if you could help us. Here’s how …

    1.    Hop on over to Vokle and RSVP. (
    2.    Visit Watch Her Thrive and donate.
    3.    Tell your friends!

If it was your daughter, you’d want someone to stand up and say no. This is our chance to be that someone. To actually make a difference.

Please give what you can right now, whether that be social media love, encouragement, time or money. It all makes a massive difference.

If you would like to help, or get involved, please contact me and The Watch Her Thrive Project here. You can also follow The Watch Her Thrive Project on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you!

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