Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Beauty for Your Ear Drums and Heart

The Landfill Harmonic is an in-the-works feature-length documentary about a uniquely beautiful musical orchestra in Paraguay, where the musicians create beauty for the world through instruments made from what others consider trash. Both the words of the young adults and children and the music they make invite us all to glean a moment of reflection about what happens in our lives when the world seemingly sends us "trash." How might we send back music? 

Perhaps if we all started "making music" from "trash" we could grow the Recycled Orchestra around the world, leaving beauty for all to see and hear. 

 You can connect with the Landfill Harmonic HERE too!
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  1. Wow Wow Wow. That is incredible, beautiful, inspiring, amazing and did I say beautiful? IT IS!

  2. Wow - powerful! A beautiful story!


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