Thursday, December 13, 2012

It's all about Beginning

How we see the the world has often been framed in two different contexts: Is the glass half full or half empty? Is the world round or flat? Are your glasses rose-colored or non-existent? Optimist? Pessimist? The pendulum of seeing and understanding the world goes on and on. Within all these swinging contexts, we tend to land on the half-full, optimist, seeing beautiful side of things, thus, we offer the invitation and reminder to all that every second is a second chance. Every ending is a new beginning. It might not be the beginning you expected, or heck, even wanted, but it's a beginning; your very own beginning to do with it whatever you wish.

How will you see beautiful at the end of the post (ahem, beginning of another minute)? How will you begin the next hour seeing and creating beautiful? The next meal? The next smile? The next day? What we're really saying is that you're surrounded by new beginnings at every turn and that makes this life we're living a wonderfully exciting one where we can do so much to spread beautiful in so many ways.

Ready. Set. Go. Begin.

And always, happy seeing beautiful!
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  1. Ok OK I just have to say that yesterday was an ending with a new beginning for my MOM. The ending was sort of an ending, but the beginning was most defiantly a new beginning. And yes it was not what she expected or even wanted or thought would ever be. But it is here and it is a beginning to a new adventure and I am just positive there will be much beautiful in the new beginning.

  2. Beautiful post!!!! Just what I needed:-)

  3. Beautiful. It reminds me of an amazing speaker I heard recently (Jake with his guide Quebec) who said Find the set up in a set back :)!

  4. It's easy to miss those beginnings if we don't watch for them!

  5. Beautiful post!! We are honored to be a part of this month's special Seeing Beautiful celebration and helping St. Anne's!!


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