Thursday, February 7, 2013


As we celebrate the incredible work of our February non-profit, the Alonzo A. Crim Center for Educational Excellence, they've whipped up their own focus this month, "Seeing Beautiful in our Youth." It's a focus that is seminal in our community. As part of their focus, they invited young women enrolled in their Early College High School Project to share how they see beautiful in themselves and the world. The following reflection is brilliantly written by Jakira Lewis. We find ourselves reveling in great hope that our future holds so much thoughtfulness and beauty. Thank you, Jakira for sharing such wisdom for others on seeing beautiful.

My Trust by: Jakira Lewis
When all has fallen
I look for the moon to glow
But it failed
When I looked to the stars to guide me
I was lost –
I thought I could
But I couldn’t –
When he told me he wouldn’t leave
He did –
Throughout life,
I put my trust in the wrong things
BUT when I tried GOD –
He was always there
And the best thing about him,
He hasn’t failed me yet.

The following pictures are also representations of how Jakira see's beautiful:
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  1. Nothing is more beautiful than this: God does not fail.




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