Monday, February 18, 2013

What Is Beautiful?

When our non-profit, the Alonzo A. Crim Center for Urban Educational Excellence declared this month a time to "See Beautiful in our Youth" they reached out to youth themselves and asked them how beauty is defined. Novel idea, right? Go to the ones we see so much beauty in and ask them to define it. It's brilliant. There has been so much inspiration shared through their seeing and their writing this month. Malik Carter, 8th grade student at Ashley Park K-8 School in Charlotte, NC, continues the trend. Here's what Malik has to say about seeing beautiful:

Beautiful by Malik Carter

What is beautiful? Give me a moment to reminisce.
Beautiful is the exact opposite of ratchedness.
Hold-up - I'm going to give you time to relate

Cause beauty comes from within -
something that will never escape.
We all wake up and see beauty in the mirror everyday
Black is beautiful - no matter what they say
Ignore haters and ignorant comments until they fade away
Remember that you are beautiful the next time someone calls you ugly.

Author: Malik Carter


  1. Plowing Through LifeFebruary 18, 2013 at 5:24 AM

    A smart, confident young man already headed in the right direction.

  2. Malik is well on his way to making this world a beautiful place. So glad to see and read the beauty that is coming from these young people.

  3. He sees beautiful in himself. Sometimes the hardest beautiful to see!

  4. Well said, Malik!

  5. So young, so filled with knowledge!...:)JP

  6. Amazing beautiful writing Malik - and then read your age ... truly incredible!

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  8. Update on Malik...


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